Category: Fish

China: Steamed Fish

Steamed fish (清蒸魚), a symbol of auspiciousness according to Chinese tables, one of the most emblematic dishes of Chinese New Year, will be my recipe today!

Burma: Mohinga

“Burma? Mohinga? Hmmmm what is it? Yes! I’d love to taste ”

Peru: Causa Rellena

If the fate of a country depended on its cuisine, today we could say that the Peru is the country with the most promising future!

Senegal: Thieboudienne

This month, we are traveling to Sub-Saharan Africa and featuring this regional cuisine to celebrate “Black History Month”, the annual commemoration of the history of the African Diaspora, celebrated in North America during the month of February.

Senegal: Fried Fish Balls

We were longing for Africa on 196 flavors! Today, Mike and I are starting a month-long culinary journey through Africa to celebrate Black History Month. Between sweet and salty recipes, we will immerse ourselves with great pleasure in this rich and varied cuisine that we had unfortunately left behind lately.

Argentina: Vitel Toné

For my last recipe of this Christmas special, I opted for an Argentinian classic with Italian origins: vitel toné.

French West Indies: Feroce d’Avocat

For my third and final immersion in the world of authentic Creole cuisine, I decided to kick it up a notch!

Saint Lucia: Green Fig and Saltfish

This is the first time that we head back to Saint Lucia since our first virtual world tour. After Vera’s chicken roti, it’s my turn to present the national dish of this charming little country: the green fig and saltfish.

French West Indies: Accras de Morue (Salt Cod Fritters)

Exotic and fragrant! What is nice about Creole cuisine is that one recipe can transport you to several countries around the world simultaneously!