Category: Bread

China: Cong You Bing

Cong you bing (in Chinese, 葱油饼), literally “scallion crepe”, is my last recipe of our Chinese cuisine journey.

Morocco: Harcha

Harcha will be my last recipe of our Moroccan cuisine journey.

Morocco: Savory Crackers With Sesame and Aniseed

Moroccan savory crackers or “galettes salées”! There are recipes that have to be told… I can’t always just talk about cooking and recipes without talking about my strongest culinary memories, those of these emblematic recipes of Jewish Moroccan cuisine.

Bulgaria: Mesenitza (Tutmanik)

We are still located in the southeast of the Balkan Peninsula …

Azerbaijan: Tandir Bread

Occasionally, I have major cravings for tandir bread, or tandoori bread as it is better known in the US. Nothing comes close to the taste of a freshly baked crusty bread coming out of a piping hot clay oven.

Denmark: Knækbrød (Crispbread)

Knækbrød! It was about time I prepared this recipe that I have been dying to try for 18 years! I came across these famous little crackers while expecting my second son, Ruben.

Denmark: Varme Hveder

Today, we are beginning a culinary journey to the land of fairy tales, a royal country full of castles, mansions and beautiful gardens, the country of Hans Christian Andersen’s Tales! I am of course talking about Denmark!

India: Naan

We are completing this bread theme with one of my favorite breads… ok, maybe my favorite breads: naan!

Mexico: Bolillo

Bolillo is a Mexican bread that is also known as pan francés.