Category: Ramadan

Morocco: Harcha

Harcha will be my last recipe of our Moroccan cuisine journey.

Morocco: Baghrir (Thousand-Hole Crepe)

North African countries, and Morocco in particular, are not only known for their refined cuisine, but also for their desserts and pastries. Today, I chose to feature one of them, the thousand-hole crepe also known as baghrir.

Morocco: Pastilla

A monument of Moroccan cuisine that is synonymous with refinement and delicacy, will be my second recipe of our Moroccan journey this month. I am talking about pastilla!

Morocco: Cornes de Gazelle (Ka’b Al Gazal)

Cornes de gazelle, the undisputed queen of Moroccan pastries is my first recipe for our trip to Morocco this month!

Algeria: Griouech

This month, we stopped in Algeria to celebrate the upcoming Independence Day which falls on July 5th and this feature was perfectly timed this year, as Ramadan started on June 5th and will end on July 5th!

Algeria: Algerian Coca

Today, let’s take a trip down memory lane, as I will tell you about a time that those under 54 years old cannot know about!

Algeria: Makroud

Ah those unique North African and Middle Eastern pastries! Let’s be honest, they are beautiful, delicate, sweet and succulent! They are fragrant and colorful… Well, they are true gems!

Algeria: Boussou Latemessou

I never forget that world-renowned Chef Paul Bocuse, who was one of my idols, used to say that “similarly to cooking that must respect and maintain the taste of food for that they are, cooks must use words for what they mean”

Algeria: Felfla (Hmiss)

For our third stop in Algeria This month, I am sharing with you a colorful salad that rocked my childhood: felfla or slata mechouia.