Category: Easter

Jamaica: Glazed Baked Ham

Holidays are always special in our family. That’s because they are the source of many wonderful memories.

Cyprus: Flaounes

After 15 days in the country of pura vida, we now invite you to discover the culinary art of the island of love, the island of Cyprus!

Portugal: Pao de Lo

Welcome to Lamego! It is this municipality in northern Portugal hosts this year’s Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades, the day of Portugal, Camoes and communities, i.e. Portuguese National Day on June 10th.

Paraguay: Chipa

Today, we are headed to Paraguay, one of the two landlocked countries of South America with Bolivia, for a traditional cheese bread called chipa.

Moldova: Pasca

Moldovan cuisine combines specific authentic dishes with those of other cuisines. Culinary traditions vary not only from one region to another, but also from one village to another.

Uruguay: Pascualina

Pure coincidence of the 196 flavors publication calendar as France faces Uruguay in a friendly soccer game in Montevideo tonight.

Poland: Sernik

I have very few memories of my wife cooking or baking. However, there is one memory that will stay in our minds forever. Shortly after we met 10 years ago, Anne baked a cake that I loved and that I had not tasted again until this week. This was our first Valentine’s Day together.