Category: Christmas

Denmark: Aebleskiver

These last two weeks of April, we are doing a short feature of Danish cuisine to celebrate Store Bededag. After Vera’s traditional varme hveder, I am sharing the no less traditional aebleskiver!

Argentina: Vitel Toné

For my last recipe of this Christmas special, I opted for an Argentinian classic with Italian origins: vitel toné.

Jamaica: Glazed Baked Ham

Holidays are always special in our family. That’s because they are the source of many wonderful memories.

Czech Republic: Vanocka

I am back on 196 flavors with a traditional recipe for Christmas! Today, I am taking you to Czech Republic with a braided brioche with raisins called vanocka (pronounced van-otch-ka).

Puerto Rico: Coquito

Christmas magic has invaded 196 flavors for nearly three weeks. Whatever the country or taste, if there is one thing that everyone agrees on about Christmas, it is its … Christmas recipes!

Burma: Pork Curry

My dad is a classic extrovert – the type who does not mind any situations with a massive congregation of people.

Norway: Multekrem

For my second Christmas recipe of the season, I am taking you to Norway, a land that definitely rhymes with Christmas throughout the winter season. The recipe I chose to make is probably one of the easiest on 196 flavors ever, a deliciously creamy dessert called multekrem. Yes, I took the easy route for once

Chile: Pan de Pascua

It is said that this delicious sweet dough comes from Germany or Italy, where it is called stollen and panettone, respectively, or also Christ’s bread

Malta: Imbuljuta tal-Qastan

Imbuljuta tal-Qastan is a traditional Maltese drink served after Midnight Mass on Christmas as well as on New Year’s Eve.