Category: Oceania

Australia: Fairy Bread Christmas Tree

Fairy bread is Australia’s favorite Christmas snack for kids and nostalgic adults alike.

Australia: Rissoles

Today is Australia Day. January 26 commemorates the arrival of the first European fleet on Australian shores in 1788.

Australia: ANZAC Biscuits

It is no secret that the 196 flavors team is addicted to recipes that, beyond tasting great, have their own history.

Australia: Meat Pie

It is on January 26, 1788, in Port Jackson, on the land of the present city of Sydney, that Captain Arthur Phillip came to plant the flag of the British crown.

Papua New Guinea: Coconut Kau Kau

Cannibalism and witchcraft: the two most overused terms associated with Papua New Guinea (PNG for short)!

Tuvalu: Green Papaya and Coconut jam

Why do our taste buds seem to love sugar that much? I think we are all programmed to like sugar, it’s pleasurable and it’s even addictive!

Vanuatu: Mango Ice Cream

Let’s make a wish! This is our first ice cream recipe on 196 flavors, and with the summer season ahead, this probably won’t be the last…

Palau: Taro Rösti

How do you call the people of Palau? The Palauans of course! Yes, they love vowels over there!

Samoa: Fa’ausi

Ask a Samoan what he did on December 30, 2011 and he will answer that this date never existed!