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Cyprus: Tyropita

Tyropita or τυρόπιτα, (pronounced ti-RO-pee-ta) means cheese from tyri and pie from pita.

Greece : Cheese Saganaki

We are finishing this monthly feature about Greek cuisine with one of the most spectacular recipes of 196 flavors so far: cheese saganaki or τυρί σαγανάκι.

Greece: Kourabiedes

Kourabiedes are Greek cookies, similar to shortbread cookies, coated with icing sugar.

Cyprus: Fasoláda

This is the end of our gastronomic trip to the island of love in the company of our new culinary expert Ivy Liacopoulou from as we celebrate the country’s Independence Day this week!

Cyprus: Moungra

For the third stop in Cyprus this week, I decided to go with a meze based on cauliflower called moungra.

Cyprus: Flaounes

After 15 days in the country of pura vida, we now invite you to discover the culinary art of the island of love, the island of Cyprus!

Cyprus: Makaronia Tou Fournou

October 1st will be Cyprus Independence Day and you should know by now that we love to celebrate the culture and cuisine of countries on 196 flavors, especially on their national holidays!

Interview with Ivy Liacopoulou (Kopiaste)

Ivy Liacopoulou is the culinary expert for Cypriot cuisine on 196 flavors.

Cyprus: Pastellaki

I challenge anyone to have mastered his first caramel the first time! I’m talking about real caramel with a nice reddish color, liquid enough to be able to work it. I’m not talking about melted and slightly burnt sugar or sugar syrup.