Category: Southern Europe

Italy: Schiacciata alla Fiorentina

Schiacciata alla fiorentina! Yes, I am taking you to Florence today!

Brazil: Pudim de Leite Condensado

We are coming to the end of our Brazilian culinary journey that started with the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics.

Brazil: Quindim

We declare open the 31st Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil !

Algeria: Makroud

Ah those unique North African and Middle Eastern pastries! Let’s be honest, they are beautiful, delicate, sweet and succulent! They are fragrant and colorful… Well, they are true gems!

Cyprus: Tyropita

Tyropita or τυρόπιτα, (pronounced ti-RO-pee-ta) means cheese from tyri and pie from pita.

Italy: Ciabatta

Who has never been attracted to the smell of hot freshly baked bread? This month, Mike and I are turning into real bakers and the kitchens of 196 flavors are filled with that same warm comforting smell!

Greece : Cheese Saganaki

We are finishing this monthly feature about Greek cuisine with one of the most spectacular recipes of 196 flavors so far: cheese saganaki or τυρί σαγανάκι.

Greece: Revithia Soupa

Three weeks ago, we started a gourmet journey through Greece, a very enjoyable trip! The carnivore that I am realized today, that for my 4 Greek recipes this month, I oscillated between vegetarian and vegan.

Greece: Avgolemono Soup

There are a number of recipes that are now considered Greek although they originated from other regions or cultures. We discovered this with the history of moussaka and this is also the case with avgolemono.