Category: Northern Europe

Denmark: Rødkål

We are closing this short Danish special with one of the most ubiquitous side dishes of Scandinavian cuisine and especially Danish cuisine: rødkål.

Denmark: Knækbrød (Crispbread)

Knækbrød! It was about time I prepared this recipe that I have been dying to try for 18 years! I came across these famous little crackers while expecting my second son, Ruben.

Denmark: Aebleskiver

These last two weeks of April, we are doing a short feature of Danish cuisine to celebrate Store Bededag. After Vera’s traditional varme hveder, I am sharing the no less traditional aebleskiver!

Denmark: Varme Hveder

Today, we are beginning a culinary journey to the land of fairy tales, a royal country full of castles, mansions and beautiful gardens, the country of Hans Christian Andersen’s Tales! I am of course talking about Denmark!

United Kingdom: English Muffin

Epicurus said: “My heart is full of fun when I have bread and water.”

Norway: Multekrem

For my second Christmas recipe of the season, I am taking you to Norway, a land that definitely rhymes with Christmas throughout the winter season. The recipe I chose to make is probably one of the easiest on 196 flavors ever, a deliciously creamy dessert called multekrem. Yes, I took the easy route for once

Sweden: Kanelbullar

About 3 weeks ago, 196 flavors kicked off the summer by celebrating Memorial Day. Today, we are going to Sweden to celebrate the start of this beautiful season with the festival of Midsommar, and that together with our friend Delphine, our Swedish culinary expert, passionate about cooking and blogger at Del’s cooking twist .

Sweden: Jordgubbstårta

Lycklig Midsommar! Happy Midsummer! This holiday, which could be called the feast of St. John the Baptist is certainly the largest and most celebrated holiday in Sweden, more than Christmas or the National Day of Sweden (Sveriges nationaldag).

Sweden: Köttbullar (meatballs)

The National Day of Sweden was just celebrated on June 6th. However, if you ask any Swede, this national holiday is rather uneventful compared to Midsommar or even Saint Lucia that we celebrated with lussekater back in December.