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hot and sour soup - potage pekinois

China: Hot and Sour Soup

In the United States, it is called hot and sour soup, and the Chinese call it 酸辣湯, literally “peppered soup with vinegar”.


Mexico: Polvorones

El Grito de la Independencia! Yes, Mexico has been screaming since last night!


Philippines : Kinilaw (Kilawin)

Raw fish for the summer. A healthy recipe that tastes like tropical vacation!


Brunei: Chicken Satay

We are ending this BBQ feature on 196 flavors with this chicken satay recipe which, let’s be honest, is not really native to Brunei.

buko salad

Philippines: Buko Salad

Yes, we’re taking it easy on 196F this summer with a fewer publications. Joanne and I are currently in Las Vegas before heading to Los Angeles and Vera is in Andalusia.