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Indonesia: Rendang

Rendang was voted most delicious food in the world by more than 35,000 readers of CNN Travel in a poll on Facebook in 2011.

Indonesia: Soto Ayam

It was 7:58AM and 52 seconds precisely the morning of December 26, 2004 when the earth shook off the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

Indonesia: Gado Gado

December 26th: in many homes, the children will play with the gifts found the day before under the tree while adults will finish New Year’s Eve leftovers.

Indonesia: Rempeyek

It is famous for its spices and beautiful beaches that make it a popular touristic destination: Indonesia.

Indonesia: Nasi Goreng

Second stop in Indonesia to celebrate Indonesia’s independence Day, held on August 17th.

Indonesia: Kolak Pisang

Yesterday was a public holiday in Indonesia. August 17th actually marks Independence Day in Indonesia which got its independence in 1945 from the Netherlands who had colonized the archipelago since the seventeenth century. The occasion for 196 flavors to feature the treasures of Indonesian cuisine throughout the week.

Brunei: Chicken Satay

We are ending this BBQ feature on 196 flavors with this chicken satay recipe which, let’s be honest, is not really native to Brunei.

Indonesia: Tahu Telor

This week is a rather eventful week. Indeed, we are not celebrating one birthday but two. First, Joanne’s birthday on Sunday, and then mine on Monday.