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Montreal Bagel

Canada: Montreal Bagel

In your opinion, what is the best bagel? The New York bagel or the Montreal bagel? I’ll admit that it is a very subjective question.


Poland: Bagel

I had wanted to make bagels for such a long time as the technique of boiling and baking bread seemed so intriguing to me!


Puerto Rico: Coquito

Christmas magic has invaded 196 flavors for nearly three weeks. Whatever the country or taste, if there is one thing that everyone agrees on about Christmas, it is its … Christmas recipes!


United States: Cornbread

There is definitely a lot of controversy when it comes to cornbread, this traditional bread that is now synonymous with Southern cooking.

succotash salad

United States: Succotash

In the minds of most Americans, Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer season. To mark the beginning of the season, picnic and barbecue are in the air over at 196 flavors!

potato salad

United States: Potato Salad

Each year, Memorial Day celebrates the memory of American soldiers who died for their country.

cole slaw

United States: Coleslaw

This week, we are featuring American picnic and BBQ staples, in anticipation of upcoming 3-day Memorial Day weekend.


United States: Onion Rings & Ranch Dressing

Hello cholesterol! Today more than ever, we hold true to our motto on 196 flavors: #dietstartstomorrow

buffalo wings

United States: Buffalo Wings

Girls do not like football! Is this a misconception? Personally, I am indifferent to football, but I had to deal with it since I was a baby!