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Morocco: Eggplant Zaalouk

For my last recipe of our Moroccan journey, I chose a recipe that my best friend and co-blogger Vera could never have presented: eggplant zaalouk.

Morocco: Baghrir (Thousand-Hole Crepe)

North African countries, and Morocco in particular, are not only known for their refined cuisine, but also for their desserts and pastries. Today, I chose to feature one of them, the thousand-hole crepe also known as baghrir.

Morocco: Taktouka

This month, we are celebrating Morocco in anticipation of the upcoming Independence Day on November 18th. For my first recipe this month, I chose a very easy salad that I grew up on: taktouka.

Algeria: Makroud

Ah those unique North African and Middle Eastern pastries! Let’s be honest, they are beautiful, delicate, sweet and succulent! They are fragrant and colorful… Well, they are true gems!

Algeria: Tajine Jelbana

I can’t believe that given the North African origins that Vera and I have, and after almost 4 years and more than 400 recipes, we hadn’t published a single tajine recipe on 196 flavors!

Algeria: Felfla (Hmiss)

For our third stop in Algeria This month, I am sharing with you a colorful salad that rocked my childhood: felfla or slata mechouia.

Algeria: Maaqouda

With a new month comes a new theme. This month, we are headed to my dad’s country of birth: Algeria.

Tunisia: Khobz Talian (Italian Bread)

We continue our round of breads with a bread that almost made me famous among French-speaking Jewish housewives: Tunisian Italian bread aka khobz talian!

Tunisia: Tuna Briks

These briks definitely remind me of my childhood. No, I’m not Muslim but my mother was Tunisian and quite often used this flagship ingredient from North African cuisine to prepare various dishes.