Monthly archives: June, 2016

Algeria: Algerian Coca

Today, let’s take a trip down memory lane, as I will tell you about a time that those under 54 years old cannot know about!

Algeria: Makroud

Ah those unique North African and Middle Eastern pastries! Let’s be honest, they are beautiful, delicate, sweet and succulent! They are fragrant and colorful… Well, they are true gems!

Algeria: Tajine Jelbana

I can’t believe that given the North African origins that Vera and I have, and after almost 4 years and more than 400 recipes, we hadn’t published a single tajine recipe on 196 flavors!

Algeria: Boussou Latemessou

I never forget that world-renowned Chef Paul Bocuse, who was one of my idols, used to say that “similarly to cooking that must respect and maintain the taste of food for that they are, cooks must use words for what they mean”

Algeria: Felfla (Hmiss)

For our third stop in Algeria This month, I am sharing with you a colorful salad that rocked my childhood: felfla or slata mechouia.

Algeria: Chorba Frik

The Algerian flag will fly over 196 flavors until July 5, as we celebrate Algeria’s Independence Day, that was proclaimed on July 5th, 1962.

Algeria: Maaqouda

With a new month comes a new theme. This month, we are headed to my dad’s country of birth: Algeria.

Interview with Assia Benabbes (Gourmandise Assia)

Assia Benabbes, author of the blog Gourmandise Assia is our new culinary expert for Algerian cuisine.

Azerbaijan: Sharbat

May has been a busy month for me with a 3-week business trip to Europe! That is why we are closing our monthly feature of Azerbaijan cuisine a few days late with a very traditional drink from the Land of Fire : sharbat.