Monthly archives: May, 2016


Azerbaijan: Kuku

Kuku, a very popular Azeri dish, will be my last recipe of our Azerbaijan gastronomic tour.

Parcha-Dosheme Plov

Azerbaijan: Parcha-Dosheme Plov

We continue our journey through Azerbaijan with what is probably considered the national dish : plov.

tenbel pakhlava

Azerbaijan: Tenbel Pakhlava

Baklava, pakhlava, paxlava… Not the kind of traditional baklava that Vera prepared a few months ago and that is made with phyllo. Because this month, we are visiting Azerbaijan.

yarpaq dolmasi

Azerbaijan: Yarpaq Dolmasi (Dolma)

We are still in the kitchens of Azerbaijan!


Azerbaijan: Dovgha

Azerbaijan! It’s about time we got serious about this cuisine which is rich and varied! It is said that Azerbaijani cuisine is so rich it features approximately 2,000 different dishes!

tandir bread

Azerbaijan: Tandir Bread

Occasionally, I have major cravings for tandir bread, or tandoori bread as it is better known in the US. Nothing comes close to the taste of a freshly baked crusty bread coming out of a piping hot clay oven.

feride buyuran

Interview with Feride Buyuran (AZ Cookbook)

Feride Buyuran is the culinary expert for Azeri cuisine on 196 flavors.