Monthly archives: February, 2016

Nigeria: Chin Chin

Nigeria will be my fourth and final stop of our African journey. We just spent almost a month discovering and introducing you to African cuisine and I must admit I have been very pleasantly surprised. I really feel bad we hadn’t featured Africa in a while.

Gambia: Tapalapa

We are approaching the end of our African journey this month, and the recipe I chose to feature today is a great segue into next month’s theme on 196 flavors.

Senegal: Chicken Yassa

I’m back in Senegal! After my delicious thiou fried fish balls earlier this month, and after discovering many hidden treasures in this rich African cuisine, I had to continue the exploration.

Angola: Cocada Amarela

Cocada amarela is our second African sweet recipe this month and I have to say it was not easy to find an authentic Sub-Saharan dessert.

Senegal: Thieboudienne

This month, we are traveling to Sub-Saharan Africa and featuring this regional cuisine to celebrate “Black History Month”, the annual commemoration of the history of the African Diaspora, celebrated in North America during the month of February.

São Tomé and Príncipe: Arroz Doce

São Tomé and Príncipe will be my second stop in Africa this month. Two tiny islands located in the middle of the Gulf of Guinea on the Equator, 200 miles off the coast of Gabon, where Mike already took us two years ago for his sonhos de bananas.

Nigeria: Akara

This is our second stop in Sub-Saharan Africa this month with akara, a snack originally from Nigeria that has migrated to a number of West African countries as well as Brazil.

Brazil: Frango a Passarinho

What is going to be celebrated in Brazil from the 5th to 10th of this month? Carnival!!! With such an important event on the way, Brazilian fried chicken bites are the ideal appetizer for letting you eat well while having lots of fun.

Senegal: Fried Fish Balls

We were longing for Africa on 196 flavors! Today, Mike and I are starting a month-long culinary journey through Africa to celebrate Black History Month. Between sweet and salty recipes, we will immerse ourselves with great pleasure in this rich and varied cuisine that we had unfortunately left behind lately.