Monthly archives: January, 2016

Greece : Cheese Saganaki

We are finishing this monthly feature about Greek cuisine with one of the most spectacular recipes of 196 flavors so far: cheese saganaki or τυρί σαγανάκι.

Greece: Revithia Soupa

Three weeks ago, we started a gourmet journey through Greece, a very enjoyable trip! The carnivore that I am realized today, that for my 4 Greek recipes this month, I oscillated between vegetarian and vegan.

Greece: Avgolemono Soup

There are a number of recipes that are now considered Greek although they originated from other regions or cultures. We discovered this with the history of moussaka and this is also the case with avgolemono.

Greece: Fava Santorinis

“Goodbye my love, goodbye” or “shall we dance” and many others… This is it! I have been so immersed in Greek cuisine this month that Demis Roussos was blasting in my kitchen while I was preparing this recipe!

Greece: Baklava

Greece is mostly known for its legends and myths, the stories of the gods and their tumultuous love affairs, but keep in mind that it is also one of the finest dining destinations of Europe.

Greece: Moussaka

We continue our Greek odyssey with one of the dishes that is often considered as the national dish of Greece, or at least one of them: moussaka.

Greece: Spanakopita

A healthy and prosperous year 2016! This is what I wish you all! May all your dreams come true and open the doors to a year rich in culinary emotions!

Greece: Greek Salad (Horiatiki Salata)

Happy New Year everyone! We are starting 2016 with a fresh and healthy recipe: Greek salad!