Monthly archives: December, 2015

Argentina: Vitel Toné

For my last recipe of this Christmas special, I opted for an Argentinian classic with Italian origins: vitel toné.

Interview with Angela Lawrence (Cook Like a Jamaican)

Angela and Fay are the culinary experts for Jamaican cuisine on 196 flavors.

Jamaica: Glazed Baked Ham

Holidays are always special in our family. That’s because they are the source of many wonderful memories.

Czech Republic: Vanocka

I am back on 196 flavors with a traditional recipe for Christmas! Today, I am taking you to Czech Republic with a braided brioche with raisins called vanocka (pronounced van-otch-ka).

Puerto Rico: Coquito

Christmas magic has invaded 196 flavors for nearly three weeks. Whatever the country or taste, if there is one thing that everyone agrees on about Christmas, it is its … Christmas recipes!

Burma: Pork Curry

My dad is a classic extrovert – the type who does not mind any situations with a massive congregation of people.

Interview with Soe Thein (Lime and Cilantro)

Born and raised in Myanmar, Soe Thein is born to a big family of devotees for anything food-related.

Norway: Multekrem

For my second Christmas recipe of the season, I am taking you to Norway, a land that definitely rhymes with Christmas throughout the winter season. The recipe I chose to make is probably one of the easiest on 196 flavors ever, a deliciously creamy dessert called multekrem. Yes, I took the easy route for once

Interview with Carolina Rojas (Mi Diario de Cocina)

Meet Carolina, our new culinary expert for Chilean cuisine. Carolina Rojas is a Chilean cook, native of Valparaiso, Chile. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two young children. In 2006, she created the bilingual (Spanish/English) cooking blog Mi Diario de Cocina, which was originally intended mostly for her friends and family.