Monthly archives: October, 2015

Reunion: Rougail Saucisse (Sausage Rougail)

Jounen Kweyol, the International Day of the Creole language and culture is being celebrated today! The opportunity for us to wrap up this Creole series with this tasty spicy dish that is very popular in Reunion: rougail.

French West Indies: Feroce d’Avocat

For my third and final immersion in the world of authentic Creole cuisine, I decided to kick it up a notch!

Saint Lucia: Green Fig and Saltfish

This is the first time that we head back to Saint Lucia since our first virtual world tour. After Vera’s chicken roti, it’s my turn to present the national dish of this charming little country: the green fig and saltfish.

French West Indies: Accras de Morue (Salt Cod Fritters)

Exotic and fragrant! What is nice about Creole cuisine is that one recipe can transport you to several countries around the world simultaneously!

Reunion: Chayote au Gratin

We continue with the Creole theme with a stopover in Reunion and a traditional dish from this French territory: chayote au gratin also known as gratin de chouchou locally.

French West Indies: Blancmange

We’re gonna dance to the sound of zouk for the next 15 days on 196 flavors!

United States: Cornbread

There is definitely a lot of controversy when it comes to cornbread, this traditional bread that is now synonymous with Southern cooking.

Mexico: Flour Tortilla (Tortilla de Harina)

We are continuing our world tour of breads with a thin flat bread that rhymes with Mexican cuisine. I am of course talking about tortilla.

Italy: Focaccia di Genova

Ah Italian cuisine! Doesn’t it make you dream too?