gboma dessi and akoume 2

Togo: Gboma Dessi and Akoumé

Until today, I have to say that I had not been impressed by West African cuisine just yet. Of course, I enjoyed the bejus from Nigeria or chicken nyembwe from Gabon but I would not say they were gastronomic orgasms.

Tonight, we finally ate a dish from West Africa that delighted our taste buds. Not only did I enjoy the meal but my wife Anne (the pickiest in the family) did too.

The dish I decided to prepare this evening is a traditional dish from Togo, one of the smallest countries in Africa, a former French colony. Gboma dessi is really a sauce. It is also called “sauce feuille” in reference to the spinach leaves (feuilles in French). Once prepared, the sauce can be served with meat, shrimp, crab or smoked fish.

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