Benny The Chef

Interview with Chef Benny D’Epiro

The 196 flavors team is very excited and very proud that Chef Benedetto “Benny” D’Epiro accepted to be our Italian cuisine expert.


United States: Onion Rings & Ranch Dressing

Hello cholesterol! Today more than ever, we hold true to our motto on 196 flavors: #dietstartstomorrow


United States: Buffalo Wings

Girls do not like football! Is this a misconception? Personally, I am indifferent to football, but I had to deal with it since I was a baby!

Australian Rissoles

Australia: Rissoles

Today is Australia Day. January 26 commemorates the arrival of the first European fleet on Australian shores in 1788.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

United States: Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Over the past forty years, this appetizer has become a classic that you can find on almost all the restaurants menus: spinach and artichoke dip.

ANZAC 0813

Australia: ANZAC Biscuits

It is no secret that our trio is completely addicted to recipes that, beyond tasting great, have their own history.

Australian Meat Pie 10

Australia: Meat Pie

It is on January 26, 1788, in Port Jackson, on the land of the present city of Sydney, that Captain Arthur Phillip came to plant the flag of the British crown.

Panna Cotta

Italy: Lavender Panna Cotta

Today is the International Day of Italian Cuisine (IDIC). The occasion for us to demystify one of the most popular Italian desserts: panna cotta.


Italy: Minestrone

Chi ben cena, ben dorme. “He who drinks soup, sleeps well”. This Italian proverb is quite far from the famous “He who sleeps forgets his hunger”. And guess which of these two proverbs we prefer on 196 flavors? Ok, that was easy!

Baci Di Dama

Italy: Baci Di Dama

“International Chefs Day” falls on October 20th but Italian cuisine is the only cuisine in the world to have its own day, and it is internationally celebrated on January 17.