Benny The Chef

Interview with Chef Benny D’Epiro

The 196 flavors team is very excited and very proud that Chef Benedetto “Benny” D’Epiro accepted to be our Italian cuisine expert.


Georgia: Lobio

Last week was the Day of National Unity in Georgia. This day not only commemorates the tragedy of April 9, 1989 in Tbilisi, where 20 people were killed but also the new independence found the same day in 1991.


Georgia: Gozinaki

It can be white – with beaten egg whites – or black – without egg whites. It always contains honey and / or sugar, nuts and / or dried fruits, whole, crushed or ground, seeds and flavorss of all kinds. Hmmmm… I am talking about nougat!

Ispanakhis Pkhali

Georgia: Ispanakhis Pkhali

In the next two weeks, we will honor Georgia which will celebrate its recently acquired independence in 1991. National Day of Unity is celebrated each year on April 9th before Independence Day on May 26th.

Kaiserschmarrn 6

Austria: Kaiserschmarrn

Austria is known for its delicious cuisine and especially its desserts, including tortes, breads, cakes, pastries or chocolates.


Switzerland: Lemon Meringue Pie

After a few weeks’ vacation, it feels so good to finally reopen the doors of 196 flavors with a post about friendship.

fiadone 0901

France: Fiadone

This week is yours! We put you to work last week on our Facebook page and asked for ideas of authentic recipes we should publish.


United States: Onion Rings & Ranch Dressing

Hello cholesterol! Today more than ever, we hold true to our motto on 196 flavors: #dietstartstomorrow


United States: Buffalo Wings

Girls do not like football! Is this a misconception? Personally, I am indifferent to football, but I had to deal with it since I was a baby!

Australian Rissoles

Australia: Rissoles

Today is Australia Day. January 26 commemorates the arrival of the first European fleet on Australian shores in 1788.