Rwanda: Igisafuliya

April 1994 – April 2014 We are very precisely in the month commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.

Salata Aswad be Zabadi with eggplants

South Sudan: Salata Aswad be Zabadi

South Sudan gained independence only 3 years ago. Without its independence, our blog would probably be called 195 flavors!

RCA - Kanda 1

Central African Republic: Kanda

With the help of 196 Flavors and my Moroccan heritage, I think I can say that I am well versed when it comes to the dos and don’ts about meatballs!

Trifle and Sherry

United Kingdom: Trifle

Whenever I am being asked about my favorite British recipe, I always answer that it has to be an Indian dish!

R FAAUSI 01 6228

Samoa: Fa’ausi

Ask a Samoan what he did on December 30, 2011 and he will answer that this date never existed!


Republic of the Congo: Peanut Butter Mousse

“Gluttony starts when no you are no longer hungry.” This is not from me but from Alphonse Daudet and I happen to agree with him!

plov carrot

Uzbekistan: Plov

Although this is not the first pilaf recipe we publish on 196 flavors, plov is Uzbekistan’s national dish and there was no way we could skip this institution.


Bahrain: Halwa Bahraini

I started making halva a few months ago as we traveled to Israel. At the time, I focused on the Levantine version, specifically the Turkish one.


Kuwait: Freekeh with Chicken

And here’s another exotic and unusual discovery to add to my list with this post! Thank you 196 Flavors!