Roti John 8

Malaysia: Roti John

This is almost a first for me on 196F: an authentic AND simple recipe!

smorrebrod 01

Denmark: Smørrebrød‏

Vacations are over for the 196 flavors’ team. Vera is the last one of the trio to be back, and we therefore decided to take it easy.

Rempeyek 2

Indonesia: Rempeyek

It is famous for its spices and beautiful beaches that make it a popular touristic destination: Indonesia.

Nasi Goreng 1

Indonesia: Nasi Goreng

Second stop in Indonesia to celebrate Indonesia’s independence Day, held on August 17th.

kolak pisang 01

Indonesia: Kolak Pisang

Yesterday was a public holiday in Indonesia. August 17th actually marks Independence Day in Indonesia which got its independence in 1945 from the Netherlands who had colonized the archipelago since the seventeenth century. The occasion for 196F to feature the treasures of Indonesian cuisine throughout the week.


Spain: Gazpacho

Who thought I would steer away from soup just because it’s summer? This week is the festival of fruits and vegetables on 196 F! I settled on tomato, bell pepper and cucumber for a gazpacho.

Peche Melba 2

France: Pêche Melba (Peach Melba)

It is the summer on 196 flavors, the opportunity for us to publish recipes featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables.


France: Ratatouille

How can we run a special Summer Fruits & Vegetables week without mentioning ratatouille?


Algeria: Dolma qarnoun

The five pillars of Islam are the most important to be observed by Muslims according to the Quran principles.