Interview with Ivo (Find BG Food)

Ivo is the culinary expert for Bulgarian cuisine on 196 flavors. Ivo was born in Bulgaria and moved to the United States at the age of 25 where he went on to creating the single most comprehensive online guide to Bulgarian cuisine – Find BG Food. In the last 10+ years the site has become


Bulgaria: Patatnik

We are almost approaching the end of our Bulgarian trip, and rather easy and comforting dish from the Rhodope Mountains region of Bulgaria: patatnik.


Bulgaria: Tarator

It would have been impossible to visit Bulgaria without talking about the famous tarator!

bob chorba

Bulgaria: Bob Chorba (Bean Soup)

Bob chorba (боб чорба) is one of the national dishes of Bulgaria and it is the recipe I chose for our fifth stop in the Balkan country this month.


South Africa: Melktert (Milk Tart)

Heritage Day, on the 24th of September, is a widely celebrated public holiday in South Africa.


Bulgaria: Mesenitza (Tutmanik)

We are still located in the southeast of the Balkan Peninsula …


Bulgaria: Pecheni Yabalki

While I was preparing for the menu of my next cooking class this coming Sunday, I looked for a traditional Bulgarian dessert recipe, and I stumbled upon baked apples also known as pecheni yabalki (Печени ябълки) in Bulgarian!

palneni chushki

Bulgaria: Palneni Chushki (Stuffed Peppers)

For our second stop in Bulgaria this month, I chose a dish that is among the most loved in Bulgaria: palneni chushki or stuffed bell peppers.

shopska salata

Bulgaria: Shopska Salata

On 22 September 1908, Bulgaria proclaimed its independence and went from an autonomous principality to that of a sovereign state.