Tunisia - Tuna Briks 1

Tunisia: Tuna Briks

These briks definitely remind me of my childhood. No, I’m not Muslim but my mother was Tunisian and quite often used this flagship ingredient from North African cuisine to prepare various dishes.


Morocco: Harira

The dates of Ramadan are never known in advance. The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, which depends on the visibility of the crescent moon.


France: Foie gras

Foie gras is part of the cultural and gastronomic heritage of France, no question about it. But do not expect me to mediate the war between the two regions of France who fiercely claim the paternity of this delicacy: Alsace and the Southwest of France.

France - Charlotte au chocolat 2

France: Chocolate Charlotte Russe

It is vacation time on 196F. It is true that we are taking it easy with less regular publications.


France: Flognarde

Every year since 1880, the Republic celebrates the Nation on July 14th. A commemoration of Bastille Day and the French Revolution.


Brazil: Romeo & Juliet (Romeu e Julieta)

It is the end of the Soccer World Cup today. A global event which had its share of surprises like Italy, Portugal and Spain leaving the competition a little early and Brazil collapsing at the end.


Brazil: Brigadeiro

This post is a miracle! Just imagine, I barely was able to make this recipe and I almost fell back on another Brazilian recipe.


Brazil: Pão de Queijo

It only happens every four years! Our clocks have been set to Brazilian time since June 12. Brazil is actually hosting the event for the second time since 1950.


United States: Devil’s food Cake

Charles Baudelaire once said: “The greatest trick of the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist.” Nonsense! On 196 flavors, nobody can persuade us! For us, the Devil does exist and those who follow us already know! We have our own Devil and his name is Mike!