Del Fortin

Interview with Delphine Fortin (Del’s Cooking Twist)

Delphine Fortin is our Swedish cuisine expert. She graciously answered questions from the 196 flavors team.



Galangal is a plant from the ginger family native to Asia. It is classified in two categories: lesser and greater galangal.

Soto Ayam

Indonesia: Soto Ayam

It was 7:58AM and 52 seconds precisely the morning of December 26, 2004 when the earth shook off the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.


Indonesia: Gado Gado

December 26th: in many homes, the children will play with the gifts found the day before under the tree while adults will finish New Year’s Eve leftovers.


Poland: Latkes

The lighting of the first candle of Hanukkah will take place on Tuesday evening.


Sweden: Lussekatter

After the celebration of Saint Nicolas last week, we are headed to Sweden to celebrate another saint, St. Lucy, this time with traditional saffron buns called lussekatter.


Morocco: Sfenj

This week, 196 flavors is dissipating the winter darkness and bringing light into your homes. Yes, we are about to celebrate Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.


France: Mannala

The bishop with the red miter, Saint Nicolas, was honored this week on 196 F. In fact, in the Christian calendar, December 6th marks the day of Saint-Nicolas.


Belgium: Speculoos

Saint Nicholas is synonymous with celebration, gifts and treats. He is protecting children, but also students, bankers, prisoners, sailors, unmarried women, travelers, pilgrims, falsely judged convicts, poets, and therefore all these people are at at the center of the festivities.