Croatia: Kremšnita

“If you have a problem or a disagreement, offer a kremšnita and then everything is forgiven!” say the people of Samobor.

pappa al pomodoro

Italy: Pappa al Pomodoro

For a number of European and even world travelers, no region rhymes with summer more than the Tuscan region, and this is where I am taking you again today.


Italy: Baicoli

Romance and eroticism, a magic gondola ride through the canals lined with Renaissance palaces, a sunset on Piazza San Marco, kisses on the Bridge of Sighs from which the lock keys are thrown into the canal to seal an eternal love.


Italy: Panzanella

This week, we are celebrating the summer with Italian cuisine and traditional recipes from a region known all over the world for its unparalleled charm: Tuscany.


Colombia: Patacones

July 20 is fast approaching! The opportunity for Vera, Mike and me to wish a happy Grito de Independencia to Erica, our new Colombian cuisine expert.


Colombia: Hogao (Criollo Sauce)

Hogao, also known as criollo sauce, is a traditional Colombian condiment.


Colombia: Empanadas

Empanadas! Some words just inspire travel!

carimanolas de carne

Colombia: Carimañolas de Carne

July 20th is Colombia’s Independence Day. The occasion for 196 flavors to travel to this beautiful country and make some carimañolas.

carimanolas de carne - Aji

Colombia: Aji Picante

Recipe of Colombian aji, also called aji picante or aji piqué. Aji is a condiment that can be served with various traditional dishes, including empanadas and carimañolas.